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Thursday’s Inspiration: Fence

 Check out more Fence Themed pictures over at Little Red House for Thursday’s Inspiration.

If you want to find this fence you’ll have to drive up into the rocky mountains to a little town called Central City. There are some fantastic views there. Known more for it’s 16 casino’s than it’s views, I headed up there alone one Saturday afternoon, just me and my camera. For more pictures from my afternoon in the mountains click here.

This fence was also in Central City:

Here is another fun picture that I’ve taken involving a fence:

This is a sweet family from the seminary who graduated and  just moved away this weekend for their first real ministry job!

This is a pretty cool fence right?? The one with my daddy in front of it! This picture doesn’t require a lot of photographer skill because well just look at the scenery, but what I love about it, is who is in it!!

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