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The Denver Seminary Spring “Selah” Gala

I was honoured to help pick out the location this year for the Denver Seminary Spring Gala!

We ended up at the Manor House in Ken Caryl Valley, CO.

This has been one of my favourite events at the seminary, well because it usually falls on or within a day or 2 of my birthday, and also because I get to dress up and dance with my man!

The location this year had quite the view and it offered multiple rooms for us to enjoy.

If you wanted to dance you could without feeling crowded.

If you wanted to sit and chat you could in your choice of quieter rooms. If you wanted to stand and catch up with multiple people you could standing at a high top, or out on the patio or near the fireplace or the snacks!


No matter where you went in the mansion your backdrop was going to be beautiful for a photo with friends.

Oh and did I mention food? The kept it coming all night long! I walked up to my husband holding a slice of watermelon and he was like where is that???  Then I told him there were meatballs too and he took off running! There was something different in each room, and it was always changing so it kept your mingling throughout the whole house!

Yes that’s a chicken and waffle!

The theme was 1920’s! Can you tell? People really got into it and I think everyone looked great!!  I highly recommend the Manor House for your next event!!

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