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Thursday’s Inspiration: Green

This is my second challenge by Little Red House. I actually have it ready before Thursday! Woot!! Green being my favourite colour and a bit of an obsession for me, (heck I even have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to Green) I had no idea how I was going to choose a subject for this one. I had so many idea’s floating in my head (grass, by bedroom walls, the living room rug, a green background with the object being a different colour – so many options), but one of them, stuck out.

I have this fun green sparkly decoration, that I actually stole from my mom’s Christmas decorations, but leave it up all year at my house.

This is what it looks like from afar!

I also was making Jello Jiggler’s for a work st. patty’s day potluck, and snapped up this picture:

Shamrock Shaped Jell-O anyone??

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