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Thursday’s Inspiration: Blue

Colorado has some cool looking birds.  I believe this is a Magpie.They are all over the area despite that Wikipedia is saying they’re European or Korean, this closely resembles a Korean Magpie than any Magpie.

I see them more often up in the mountains….

…..but they fly around down here at the base of the foothills too.

They swoop and dive and are very fast birds!  Check out their beauty when they fly!

Disclaimer: This is NOT my picture. When I get home I’ll find more I took that are similar.

I have been in awe of these creatures since we first moved here! Crow Family?!? My butt Wikipedia!!

  This is a beautiful, beautiful one of God’s creature’s!

** This post was inspired by Mary’s Little Red House: Thursday’s Inspiration Blog! This week’s word: Blue!

Blue Bells at the Flat Irons, Boulder, CO

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