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The Johnson Family

Wow! This family is fun and so full of love!

Our plans were to head up to Mount Falcon, but with the threat of rain, we decided to go a bit closer to home: Red Rocks.  However, the closer we got, we realized that there must be a concert this evening… so Plan A became Plan B. I rode with them and it was wonderful getting to know them better! I love this family and would love it if one day my family was as wonderful as these guys!

Mount Falcon is one of their favourite places to go as a family, so I’m glad we went there instead. “K” & “J” hadn’t planned to hike so they didn’t wear appropriate shoes and rain was still threatening so we stayed close to the car, not going to this castle that they got me all excited about! We’ll have to go back there for their Christmas photo then…..

We got some beautiful photo’s. This family was bubbly, goofy, and up for anything! Have you ever seen a brother and sister who like each other as much as “S” & “E”?

I didn’t ask “E” & “S” to do this… they did it on their own??

Love “K”‘s “I love this girl” expression

“E” is an adorable 12 year old!!

Engagement Photo? or 17 years of Marriage Photo??

“S” had soo much personality!

This is “K”‘s favourite expression of “S”

Really?? A brother and sister who like each other? These are talented parents!

Who loves the Grey & Yellow!? I do!

“T” wanted to be like a Spy!

Daddy’s Little Girl??

The Johnson’s

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