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The George Family

This past weekend I did my first photo-shoot of the Summer! I had never met this family, but they jumped on the offer to have family photo’s done (especially since they added a new member to their family recently); at a price they could afford as seminary students! (you choose what you can afford – I’ll do my best to get you some great photo’s)

We met at the War Memorial Rose Garden, in downtown Littleton Saturday morning! It was perfect weather and I got just a little bit of colour on my skin! Yeah! 

There was a beautiful sail boat floating in the mini lake run by remote control! I was super excite to add it into the charm of this families photo’s however their 3 year old boy “H” wasn’t quite ready to cooperate for pictures yet but I still captured this cute one of him ignoring me but enchanted by the boat!

“R” loved the camera! She was quite the poser:

This one I told her to say: “I’m adorable!” – it worked!

 Here are some Family Shots!

It’s Not Summertime without a Little Boy with Scraped Knees!

I think I’ve decided this one is my favourite of “H”

Did I mention he DID NOT want to get his picture taken! Hence this picture above and the reason I’m so proud of the one above that!

Daddy time with “H” and “R” while baby “C” was getting fed!

Despite being sad – it was her 4 month birthday that day! She was just getting hungry!

R, H, C



 In order to get pictures of Mom and Dad I had to hold the 4 month old baby, so considering that – these are too bad!

While this picture isn’t the typical close up, family picture; it captures a moment in time of playful free-ness that they will appreciate the older their kids get!

Love this!!

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