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Photo Inspiration

Little Red House is a blog I have enjoyed following for a while, and I decided I would like to join in on her Thursday Inspiration Challenge’s.

She picks a word for each Thursday and the goal is to go out and catch a masterpiece of an image with that word in mind.  Last week was “White.”

Technically didn’t take this picture. My mom did, but I was behind the inspiration of it, obviously! Because I’m in it! Talk about Pure White, and Worship! Love this picture right now!

Today’s word was Architecture.

Today I’m going to choose a picture that I’ve already taken because I don’t have time to go out and find a building…. the one I’m in right now is pretty ugly!

This was taken at the Breckenridge Lodge in Colorado. I love details in Architecture!

Here are the next 4 weeks worth if you want to get in on this to challenge yourself as a photographer!

March 7:  books March 14:  green   (this one is going to be a hard one for me) March 21:  round March 28:  fence

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