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Miss. Ruptak! Sophomore at Front Range Christian School

This is my friend. She asked me to take her out and do a photo shoot! We had a blast! A friend from work told me about this “road” that has a really neat view of the mountains where I was about to not get the city below in the pictures!

Mariah. 15. Sophomore. Gorgeous. Loves Yellow. My Friend.

We went to a second location (where I’ve done another photoshoot), where I was saddened to learn that the water feature was turned off for the summer due to water conservation requirements in the Denver area…. but we still managed to get some great photo’s:

 We got a little goofy sometimes…..

 Then we went to a 3rd location, which was kind of a 2 in 1 location.We were at the War Memorial Rose Garden (which I’ve taken photo’s at before also)

Could she be more adorable?

We snuck into the community garden for these sunflower pictures:

I think this one makes her look really tall!

Love me some Flower pictures!

And then next to the garden is the Bemis Park that has a huge pond and lots of ducks/geese/swans. (Another Photoshoot I’ve done here)

When we first saw this creature on the right, I thought it was dead because it’s head was under water and he hadn’t moved in like 2 mins…. but then when it’s head popped out I thought maybe it was the Lockness Monster.

Nessy vs. Canada Goose

This duck was all into the photoshoot and kept turning to give me her better side!

 This girls doesn’t have a better side, she’s Gorgeous from ALL angles!!


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